Engaging The Scripture-Less


WomanHeadCoveredThe power of God’s Word to transform lives can begin with simple Bible stories that are memorized and applied as God’s Spirit grips a person’s heart. For many language groups there are few or no Scripture resources in one’s own heart language.

Mother-tongue teams of translators serve in newly pioneered areas where translated Scripture resources are scarce. Teams we support, collaborate with well-known translation agencies to expand Scripture resources, now in more than 60 languages;

As soon as portions of Scripture are available, they are utilized for witness and help to accelerate disciple-making.

Adopt A Verse Campaign: 7,958 verses in a New Testament can be completed with your help, at $10 per verse. Join us in helping to translate a New Testament into 60 scripture-less languages. Please fill out the form below to make a donation. If you would like to know more about the Adopt A Verse Campaign, please click here to visit our website.