4 E’s Work Together: Establishing Churches. Equipping Leaders. Empowering the Poor. Engaging the Scripture-less.

4 E’s work together: Establishing Churches. Equipping Leaders. Empowering the Poor. Engaging the Scripture-less

A Young Generation of Christians Persevere


Communities are transformed when pioneer church planters partner to meet the physical and emotional needs of the surrounding region. Opportunities include providing elementary school education, work skills training, water and sanitation programs and health advisory services.

In the state of Odisha (previously Orissa), where heavy persecution several years ago laid the foundation for a new movement of God’s Spirit and growth of the Church there, we have established 6 schools with over 500 children and a hostel for poor children that has been recognized by the government.

In Ludhiana, Punjab, Harold Alexander* was among the 220 students of our Agape Public School and Agape Public School and Student Sponsorship Program. Due to financial struggles at home he dropped his studies in the 7th Standard and started working to support his family. Our staff encouraged him and to resume studies or to learn a trade. With parental agreement, we sent him for mobile phone repair training and he completed his course quickly. He has now opened a mobile repair shop near his home and has strengthened his earnings.

*Name changed for security

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