Establishing Churches = Transforming Lives

Establishing Churches – Lives Transformed!


Among more than 200 least-reached districts of North India, 58,794 people began personal journeys with Jesus Christ in 2014-15 and are becoming disciplemakers. One of these was George Ramsey*, from the village of Babukheda, in Block Sikaderpur Kara, in the District of Unnao, in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Enjoy George’s Story…See Victor Ryan* effectively apply church planting methodology … be encouraged with us!

I worked as a Goldsmith and had a shop. I was earning good money and had good number of customers. I had a weakness for liquor. After finishing my work, I used to go with my four friends to spend all my money drinking. I did not care for my family. Slowly I lost all my customers and business. No income was there in my shop. I was so tensed. One day the servant of God, Rev. Victor Ryan*, came to my village. He was sharing about Jesus Christ in my neighbouhood using a flip chart telling that Jesus can set us free. I was so confused and wondered how Jesus could set me free from alcoholism. The servant of God prayed for me and also he gave me a Bible. Day by day I read the Bible and also participated in a prayer gathering in my neighbourhood. I don’t know how it happened but slowly I was afraid to touch the liquor. I loved Jesus. When my friend requested me to come and join them (drinking), I started to tell them that it was not good for our health and that our body is the temple of God so how could we destroy this temple by drinking.Now I am free from drinking bondage and now running my shop. All the customer and village people were surprised to see the transformation in my life. It is by the help of Lord Jesus that I am free. All my family and I have accepted Lord Jesus and got baptism. I share my testimony with others and all the friends. I have adopted 3 villages in my block where I go and share the Gospel.

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