Engaging the Scripture-Less: While Seeking A Witch Doctor, The Lord Found Them!


Engaging the Scripture-Less: While Seeking A Witch Doctor, The Lord Found Them!

When we pray to the Lord of the Harvest because the ‘workers are few,’ we often focus on the harvest itself. In pioneering ministry most of our workers, including those who are now serving as mother-tongue translators, come from within a community. They know the language and the culture, and they are passionate about their faith because Jesus has done so much for them.

Jammu CityPastor Charlie Kahn* is one of our Bible translators working in the Bhadrawahi language of Jammu and Kashmir. With support of a new online ‘translation engine,’ he has helped to complete a first draft of the entire New Testament in his language within 6 months. Progress like this provides a strong base for developing Scripture resources (stories for oral cultures, training materials and more) to expand our church planting efforts.

“I came to the Lord from a Hindu background in the year 2000 and today my wife and I are in full-time ministry with Friends of Agape. Although I had everything in my life, I had never experienced true peace in my life before knowing Jesus Christ. Once, I was taking my wife (carrying her on my back) to a witch doctor whom I heard about from a close friend. On the way, we stopped for a while for rest, and an army soldier who was on duty in this mountainous area approached us. I shared our story (about her arthritis) and he shared the Gospel with us and told us about the healing and saving power of Jesus Christ, who shed His blood for us. We said a simple prayer of commitment and then he prayed for us. My wife was instantly healed. We now pastor three house churches with 40 believers in this region. Today I am so happy that I am also involved in translating scriptures into my own language.“

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*Name changed for security