Who We Are

Who We Are

Friends of Agape are business professionals, church leaders, individuals and families who team-up with Christians serving in challenging places of the world. Our focus is the South Asia region, partnering primarily with ministries in India, Nepal and Bhutan where 40% of the of the world’s unreached people groups live.

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“My church and I have adopted a full team of five ministry coordinators, working among an unreached people group with a population of 2.4 million people. In just a few years the teams have engaged 43 villages and have witnessed significant impact in their lives and communities. One example is the tailoring centers for women where we have been able to train several hundreds of women leaders. Today many of them are earning and supporting their family needs.”

Our Friends of Agape Board members meet face-to-face twice each year, and by phone in interim months.  To stay current with ministry progress, we visit our ministry partners in South Asia, and have them join us for our Board meetings.