Empowering The Poor

BoyAtSchool-CircleAs we go about the work of Establishing (strengthening) Churches, we encounter human need that makes us say, ‘we can do something about this!’  But, we are careful to empower the poor to change their own situation.We believe the most effective way to bring sustainable change to a family and community is through education. Our partners are educating children through formal and non-formal schools, which are sometimes held in fields or under trees.

We also help people to develop micro-enterprises, and we host health and medical camps and help to complete water and sanitation projects. The holistic ministries that are offered by our partners are part of our commitment to life and community transformation.

In North India, one of our partners operates a school for local children from a slum area. Every day, 150 children come for free education and lunch. For many children, this is sadly the only meal they receive in a day. Through ministries such as these, our partners express of the love of Christ and our love for the communities in which we serve.