Engaging The Scripture-Less


WomanHeadCoveredThe power of God’s Word to transform lives can begin with simple Bible stories that are memorized and applied as God’s Spirit grips a person’s heart. For many language groups there are few or no Scripture resources in one’s own heart language.

Mother-tongue teams of translators serve in newly pioneered areas where translated Scripture resources are scarce. Teams we support, collaborate with well-known translation agencies to expand Scripture resources, now in more than 60 languages. We have also developed our own tools for translation.  For example, Autographa has been designed to equip the bible translation community with a state of the art, minimalist, yet comprehensive alternative to existing bible translation software.  It is integrated with quality assurance tools – and with no price-tag! The Autographa translation software provides unique functionality and ease of use that no existing commercial or free Bible translation tools provide.

As soon as portions of Scripture are available, they are utilized for witness and help to accelerate disciple-making.

Adopt A Verse Campaign: 7,958 verses in a New Testament can be completed with your help, at $10 per verse. Join us in helping to translate a New Testament into 60 scripture-less languages. Please fill out the form below to make a donation. If you would like to know more about the Adopt A Verse Campaign, please click here to visit our website.