Establishing Churches


The Greek word for ‘establish’ is ‘sterizo’ which means to strengthen, make firm, to make stable etc. Both research and time shows us that many of the churches in the world are not strong in their biblical foundations and are having very little impact on their communities. In order to establish churches that have such transformational impact, we are committed to developing followers of Jesus who are rooted in God’s Word, and apply the Bible’s truths in their daily lives and through service to their families and communities.

Most of the churches that we partner with begin as simple house churches among people whose lives have been shattered by drug addiction, alcohol, ignorance, illiteracy and poverty. They respond to the love of Christ not for any monetary benefits but because they find peace, hope, meaning and purpose in life through the love of Jesus. These are the churches that we seek to ‘establish’ on strong scriptural foundations to be life-long learners and service-minded Christ followers.